February 1, 2018 Moisture Prevention

Prevent moisture intrusion in from causing mold, mildew and damaging you’re finished flooring

Some Southern California homeowners might pass over this process, perhaps because they want to save money or because they just want to get their flooring installed and have the whole mess over with. But sealing concrete foundation flooring is actually a very important part of preventing moisture damage to your floor coverings. Floor coverings, especially in areas with high humidity and heavy moisture, are prone-like any other object that may come into frequent contact with moisture-to damage because of that moisture. Flooring that becomes damp or wet can become damaged. Think, for example, of your shower-it is sealed with grout in order to prevent the water runoff from the shower from causing damp or moisture damage to the shower itself. Flooring needs protection in a similar manner.

Your flooring may get wet or otherwise exposed to moisture in a number of ways. Raining, flooding, moisture runoff from showers, faucets, drains, or pipes; are just a few of the most common ways that your flooring can be exposed to water and become damp or wet. You may be able to help counteract these issues by ensuring that your heating is functioning properly which could help to dry out the rooms and consequently the flooring better. If you did find that your HVAC was not functioning properly then you may want to consider looking for companies similar to DUCTZ of Richmond Southside or home furnace repair specialists in your local area. This could be a way of helping to keep your flooring dry.

The types of moisture damage that may occur to flooring without a proper concrete foundation seal are varied. If your flooring gets wet, it may be prone to problems such as crack development, leak development, and even the development of mold and mildew. All of these problems may become exacerbated over a prolonged period of time-mold and mildew can be especially problematic and even dangerous if they are allowed to grow and spread without treatment. Therefore, you might want to call a Mold Damage Restoration Company, immediately after you spot moisture or signs of mold and mildew. If you do not do that, you might just have to deal with some kind of a pest infestation, which can only cause more problems. So, unless you want to double your work by calling Kentucky exterminators (or similar professionals where you live) to get rid of pests in your home, you need to take care of that mold situation immediately. If you notice cracking and leaking, that can lead to damaged flooring and the need for floor repairs or even replacement. Mold growth can sometimes go undetected, which could mean heavy restoration costs for later. In case, if you experience symptoms such as sneezes or a runny nose, you might want to conduct a residential mold test. The majority of mold infestations can be attributed to the excessive amount of moisture in the house. If you allow your flooring to get wet, then, you are essentially exposing your home to damage that is preventable with the simple process of having your concrete foundation flooring sealed to help prevent damage from moisture.

It cannot be stressed enough: this moisture-related problem can eventually present a serious problem for your flooring and even your home. It is important to have your concrete foundation flooring sealed with a moisture vapor barrier system by a professional company, such as Covalt Leveling of Orange County in order to help prevent the nuisance of moisture damage.

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