Floor Repair FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

Read our answers on frequently asked questions for fast answers. Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind about our business or services.

Covalt Leveling specializes in concrete repair, cement resurfacing and concrete leveling in Orange County, Los Angeles and ALL of Southern California.
Our floor resurfacing systems and products are self leveling, polymer modified cements designed for the repair of damaged, cracked or rough and uneven concrete and wooden floors.
Most leveling materials dry in as little as three hours and can be worked on the very next day.
No. Our systems may be installed from a featheredge to any thickness.
Yes, our fast track process allows us to repair and resurface rough and cracked subfloors without having to remove them. With the Covalt high strength products there is no need for time consuming removal and replacement with the same inferior product.
Covalt has been an inovator and pioneer in the floor leveling and resurfacing business for over 30 years. We are a company soley dedicated to making damaged subfloors smooth, flat, clean and level.
Yes! Our materials are commonly used to prepare and give a new smooth and flat surface so that flooring may be installed right over the top of the old floor.
Yes. For example, typically when marble or stone flooring is laid it is at a much greater thickness than carpeting or wood flooring that may be installed adjacently. Underlayment materials may be poured in order for different types of flooring to meet flush together.
Yes! Through various techniques your Covalt field applicator can accomplish just about any unique subfloor repair.
Yes. As a matter of fact most all types of existing rough, unlevel or otherwise damaged floors can be resurfaced and repaired by Covalt Floor Leveling.
Covalt only uses the finest materials available. Underlayments are essentially cement based and polymer enhanced and may exceed 5,000 psi compressive strength.
Generally our concrete repair contractor service is a one to two day process.
Depending on the amount of square footage and the thickness of the leveling material needed to correct the problem, pricing can start as low as $2.90 per square foot.
In many cases yes. With our experience and broad knowledge we know just the questions to ask in order to prepare a written quote.

We have the right concrete repair solution to any subfloor problem. whether your concrete floor is cracked, uneven or just not flat or level, our cement overlay system can fix any floor problem you may have.