April 5, 2022 Concrete Floors, Concrete Repair, Recent Projects

Covalt Floor Leveling was honored to be selected for complete restoration of Louis Vuitton’s high-profile flagship location on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

Comprising three stories of existing concrete floors which revealed an unacceptable deflection and irregularity, Covalt was called in to apply our self leveling repair system.

The only other alternative would have been total demolition of the existing floors. Our system is cost-effective, and this method of Covalt floor reconstruction is highly recognized in the construction industry.

Cement floor repair by Covalt concrete resurfacing in Orange County & Los Angeles has got you covered when it comes to commercial and residential jobs that demand the best in cement floor leveling and the installation of concrete foundation repair products. We offer all types of concrete floor leveling and repair in all of Southern California.

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