December 8, 2017 Recent Projects

Louis Vuitton Looks To Covalt For Self Leveling System

Added to our portfolio of innovative and technical installations is luxury brand retailer, Louis Vuitton.

Founded in 1854 and with over 450 stores worldwide, Covalt Floor Leveling was honored to be selected for complete restoration of Louis Vuitton’s high-profile location on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

Comprising three stories of existing concrete floors which revealed an unacceptable deflection and irregularity, Covalt was called in to apply self leveling systems.

As the only other alternative was total demolition of the existing floors, the self leveling system is cost-effective. This method of Covalt floor reconstruction is highly recognized in the construction industry.

When applied, the cement product was graduated from a featheredge to 3 inch in thickness. The result was a smooth, flat surface. Due to the amount of square footage as well as extreme thickness depths, the Covalt Applications Group tackled and conquered this project with approximately 3000 bags of underlayment material. Self leveling systems are ideal for the repair of any damage to sub flooring, including slabs and wooden subfloors.

Accomplished through the utilization of high-strength, self-leveling cement topical product, this technique provides a smooth and flat surface to foundation floors, permitting finished flooring, including tile, or hardwood to be installed correctly

Covalt Floor Leveling would like to thank all the hard-working people who helped make this enormous and intricate project a huge success!