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Ardex Cement Floor Compound By Covalt Leveling of California

Ardex Floor Leveling Compound Installed by Covalt of California…

Ardex K15 self leveling underlayment compound is a quality cement-based underlayment compound specially formulated with a blend of unique polymers. This quality underlayment compound is used to smooth and level concrete flooring prior to the installment of top or finished flooring. The compound can be used to smooth out existing concrete, epoxy coating systems, metal material, ceramic tiles, adhesive residue–and more.

It is very important for homeowners in areas which are prone to concrete subflooring damage, such as California, to ensure that their concrete flooring is properly prepared before any type of finished flooring is installed. This includes treating concrete for issues such as, but not limited to: residue left over from adhesives, paints and other materials; unleveled flooring; cracking; chipping;  smoothing out materials such as metal or wood remnants—and more. Many flooring companies prefer using professional products, such as the Ardex K15 self leveling underlayment compound, to ensure that the job is done correctly. A high quality underlayment compound will ensure a smoother overall process and much more efficient concrete leveling. . Other products, such as the Ardex SDT concrete topping material, are also a popular choice for any company looking for a professional, high quality result.

If your flooring is in need of repair or preparation prior to the installation of new finished flooring, it is highly recommended that you seek out a professional company with experience preparing concrete flooring. Covalt Floor Leveling Company is one of the most well-regarded flooring companies in the California area. Covalt Floor Leveling Company has years of experienced, well-trained and highly skilled staff, and excellent customer service—all of which are designed to help provide their customers and clients with the very best in flooring services.

The Ardex K15 self leveling underlayment compound and the Ardex SDT concrete topping material are just two of the many high quality products and materials that the Covalt Floor Company prefers to use. They will use this self-leveling underlayment compound to properly prepare your concrete flooring for finished floor installation. In addition to being a high quality product, the Ardex K15 self leveling underlayment compound is also preferable for home owners or building owners who don’t want to have to wait days—or even weeks—for the product to seal. Concrete which has been treated with the Ardex K15 self leveling underlayment compound is walkable in just 2 to 3 hours! And the installation of moisture-insensitive tiles and stone can be done after 6 hours following the use of the product, while other floor coverings can be installed after just 16 hours! In fact, the company specifically designed this particular product with “fast track” flooring installation in mind. No longer will you have to wait for weeks for a company to  finish a job that should only take a few days—at most!

If you are interested in having your concrete flooring prepared by a professional company with professional products, then look no further than the Covalt Floor Company in California. Their dedication and knowledge to the world of flooring can’t be surpassed!