Concrete Subfloor Repair or Leveling for Hardwood Floor Installation

Concrete Subfloor Repair or Leveling Services for Hardwood Floor Installation

Guarantee the best hardwood subfloor repair, leveling and preparation at the the lowest price.
Knowing how to properly level the subfloor before the hardwood flooring installation is essential, so everyone at Covalt for Leveling and repair will give you the report for the right repair method and save you time and money in the process.
When subfloor is damaged: The Covalt Floor Leveling subfloor Repair Crew will remove the existing hardwood floor in order to visually inspect the damaged subfloor. After the damaged area is uncovered, we can determine the needed repairs to the actual underlayment. We will repair the joists (they may become rotten or weaken due to moisture) and plywood as needed in order for the newly poured self-leveling underlayment to appropriately support itself.

There are several options for installing hardwood flooring over concrete subfloors.
Directly over concrete subfloor: floating floors, engineered floors, solid strip, plank, and parquet. A vapor retarder is needed to be applied when a solid 3/4 –inch hardwood flooring will be install over concrete subfloor.
Over Concrete with a Wood Subfloor.
Over Concrete Subfloor with Sleepers. Solid strip or plank can be laid directly over a subfloor system. Parquet cannot be installed over sleepers, an additional layer of plywood or OSB is needed.

As with any subfloors for hardwood installation, moisture testing is most important. Concrete is a porous material and can retain moisture and emit moisture vapor, which could end up in the hardwood floor. Read about our Epoxy Moisture Control System /Crack Suppressant.

One common way to waterproof a concrete house foundation is to apply a liquid waterproofing barrier membrane to the concrete. The liquid may be applied using a liquid spray, a roller, or even a trowel. Liquid membrane cures into a thick, rubbery coating on the concrete which helps protect the floor above it from water damage.

Another common waterproofing product used on cement foundations are vapor barrier products. These products are mixed together and applied with brushes to the cement foundation, where they harden and protect the area from water damage. Moisture Guard by Covalt, Orange County provides vapor barrier systems to reduce flooring failures.

Waterproofing your cement foundation is an essential part of ensuring that your floors and floor coverings are kept safe from moisture damage. A failure to do so can cause damage to your floors, water damage to anything on the floors—such as furniture or other items—and potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Take the preventative step and waterproof your cement foundation before you run into trouble.

Level, Repair, Smooth Any Subfloor for Hardwood Installation

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