December 3, 2017 Recent Projects

Cracked House Foundation Floor Repaired & Leveled in Laguna Beach by Covalt Team.

Yes- we welcome residential projects!
Your home is your most valuable asset and without preserving the foundation, your precious investment crumbles. If your subfloors are cracked, crumbling or deteriorating, the lifespan of your flooring is jeopardized. Hardwood flooring, plush carpet, imported ceramic tiles are costly and need the proper smooth foundation.
Covalt Floor Leveling, in business for over 30 years has the experience and expertise in the concrete & wooden subfloor repair industry. Our proven products level uneven floors, and repair cracks quickly by creating a permanent seal of protection. Our floors stand the test of time. Covalt’s cost effective and time saving repairs can be completed in one day, allowing new flooring to be installed the next day.
Feel free to contact us for a no cost project inspection and written report of findings.