February 17, 2018 Concrete Floors, Concrete Repair, Recent Projects

Concrete Foundation Floor Repair, Resurfacing and Leveling in San Clemente, California

Few concrete repair companies experience success like that of Covalt Floor Leveling of Orange County. After more than 30 years in business Covalt is the nation’s premier floor resurfacing specialists.
Over the years Covalt Leveling has refined the system so that underlayments can be applied to even the thinest layers, to smooth, level rough or uneven house foundation subfloors.
The firms outstanding track record is apparent in a recently completed floor leveling and repair project in San Clemente, California. The uneven foundation floor was made smooth and flat in order to provide a suitable surface for new hardwood flooring.
Preparation for hardwood floors in San Clemente and surrounding cities has long been one of our specialties. The freshly resurfaced subfloor dries within 24 hours at which time the new floor covering maybe properly installed.