October 15, 2017 Industry News

Preparation of foundation floors for new floor coverings in Orange County

In need of a concrete floor repair company in Orange County, California? Is your concrete or cement flooring in need of repair? Do you have a cracked foundation slab, cracked or broken cement, or uneven concrete flooring? For homeowners in the Southern California area, damage to concrete flooring may not be something new or surprising. Homes in areas prone to seismic activity or built on unleveled ground—such as mots of Southern California—are naturally more prone to problems with flooring and flooring foundations.

Concrete slab foundations are typically sturdy and long-lasting due to the fact that cement is a sturdy, strong material. But like any type of foundation, they can still be damaged by a variety of factors, which include but are not limited to: moisture damage, earthquakes, poor installation, poor or improper preparation, inferior materials, unleveled flooring, etc. The type of damage which occurs to a concrete floor can range from a cracked foundation slab to minor cracking (which typically carries the risk of spreading) to foundation shifts which will not only damage the cement foundation but the upper flooring as well.

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