January 13, 2018 Concrete Floors

A New Way To Look At Concrete Floors

The various types of products that can be used for flooring is a long list. Some of the common types would include carpeting, hardwood as well as high end tile, but there are some other interesting types of flooring available to you.

Decorative concrete floors have become one of the more popular flooring materials used in businesses and residential spaces over the past years. A properly prepared concrete floor will last longer than most other floors and can stand up to heavy abuse with all without altering the look.

For some having a concrete floor in the home may sound unusual. Concrete as a flooring surface is sometimes thought to be cold, loud and hard. While it may not be as warm as plush carpeting, there are techniques, stains and epoxy sealer.

The Covalt floor resurfacing system is ideal for any type of decorative cement floor one would desire.architects and design professionals have specified the Covalt system throughout Southern California for over 30 years. For more information on our systems, please feel free to contact our offices.